Friday, June 03, 2005

My sweet Anna,
How are you, my sweet baby? I miss you. Oh do I miss you. I finally have a quiet moment to just write you a little note. You have a new brother. He is so sweet. I still remember you though, and I won't ever forget....don't ever think that I will forget you! My heart has been so sad for you. I just want to hold you one more time. Your tiny little feet and perfect little body.

You know, I have been struggling lately. Struggling with so many thoughts my dear baby. Your rose came up...I was so afraid I had killed it. We planted another one for you too. It is another orange one. As it grows, I think of you.

You would be a year old! Walking around, eating dirt, laughing. I am sure that you are having a huge amount of fun in Heaven, but I miss you.

Your brothers and sisters want to know if you got the balloons they sent you? They enjoyed when you were playing with the hose (raining).

Would you tell God, that I am struggling right now, but I will come back... I just need some time. I need something.... I don't know what yet....

Say hello to the new babies. Show them around, and tell them their parents love them.

I love you. I love you. Oh, how I love you.



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